The newest member of the Kawero! family was launched at the May 2012 Munich High-End show and immediately earned 'the best sound at the show' commendation from The Audio Beat, helped by highly-effective room treatment from Kaiser/LeadingEdge products.
The Chiara is a standmount speaker developed from the Vivace and both in turn from technology introduced in the astonishing Kawero! Classic.
A defining feature of all these loudspeakers is the way the rear-firing drive units have been designed to work with and couple to the room to maintain full power across the spectrum as frequency rises and the cone radiating area shrinks.
The astonishing performance – and it does take listeners by surprise – of all the speakers is a combination of some of the world's best drive units and crossover components, the design skills of one of Germany's top acoustics experts and acoustic energy control based on Vertex AQ's developments over the years.
First impressions of the Chiara are "How can they produce bass of such power and quality?" Then it becomes apparent that mid and treble, thanks to the superb ribbon tweeter, are equally impressive.
The result is speakers that produce a huge soundstage filled with natural-sounding, lifelike performers in medium-sized rooms.
The Kaiser Acoustics factory in Germany has superb veneering and finishing skills so the appearance of the speakers can be almost whatever the customer wants, to match preferences and listening room decor.
- Mundorf AMT Tweeter, special version for Kaiser Acoustics
- 15 cm ScanSpeak Illuminator bass-midrange with special paper-sandwich cone and underhung Neodymium motor
- ScanSpeak Illuminator passive radiator with aluminum cone custom made for Kaiser
- 2-way system with time- and phase-optimized crossover
- New concept for the equalization of the baffle step
- Cross-over with Duelund Cu CAST capacitor and coil
- Tankwood Cabinet with additive damping layer
- Vertex AQ Technology panel to reduce the influence of structure-borne sound and EMI/RFI
- Vertex AQ Technology in the matching stand to reduce vibration and modulation
- The matching stand is always colour-coordinated with the speaker cabinet and semi gloss finish. (Lacquered in high gloss on request)

- 87 dB @ 2,83 V
- 4 Ohm
- 150 W maximum power handling
- Dimension : H 116cm; W 29.5cm; D 47cm
- Weight : 34kg each